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Inflatable Triceratops

Inflatable Triceratops


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Bullet Features

    IMPRESSIVE SIZE  20"H/43"Lperfect for interactive play and educational display 

    REALISTIC COLORFUL Forest green color enhances the realism of the Triceratops 

    SELF STANDING An ideal playmate for young explorers at ages 3 year and up 

    VERSATILE USE Educational Tool; Themed Events; Decorative Piece; Photo Prop 

    JET CREATIONS 50+ YEARS COMPANY Designed in Virginia.  Give the gift from trusted source 

    Full Title

    Jet Creations Inflatable Triceratops Dinosaur Toy, 20" Tall/43” Long, Forest Green, Pool, Party, Garden Decor, Photo Prop, Jurassic Theme Decoration


    20" Tall/43” Long


    Phthalate-Free PVC Vinyl


    Introducing Jet Creations 43-inch long Inflatable Triceratops, a charming and realistic representation of one of the most iconic dinosaurs. This inflatable dinosaur model captures the essence of the Triceratops, renowned for its three distinctive horns and large, shield-like frill at the back of its head. Designed for enthusiasts of all ages, this model is perfect as an educational tool, a decorative piece, or simply as a fun addition to any dinosaur lover’s collection. </br>

    Jet Creations Inflatable Triceratops’s most remarkable feature is the 3D frill, which extends boldly around the back of its head, adorned with detailed patterning that replicates the iconic bony frill of the Triceratops. This element not only adds a dramatic flair but also serves as an educational tool, offering a glimpse into the defensive structures that were vital for survival during the Cretaceous period. The frill, combined with the two large horns above the eyes and a smaller horn on the nose, are rendered with precision, emphasizing the dinosaur’s formidable nature as depicted in paleontological findings. </br>

    Jet Creations Inflatable Triceratops, colored in a vibrant forest green, offers a lifelike representation of the Triceratops, blending educational value with playful charm. The lifelike design elements, combined with its rich, forest green color, make it a stunning addition to any collection, educational setting, or themed event. </br>

    Jet Creations Inflatable Triceratops’s size, with its length of 43 inches and height of 20 inches, makes it substantial enough to be a standout piece in any setting, yet it remains lightweight and manageable. Constructed from durable materials, the Inflatable Triceratops is built to withstand both enthusiastic play and the rigors of display. It’s easy to inflate and deflate, offering convenience in setup and storage, making it a practical choice for transient setups or permanent displays. </br>

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