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Inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex

Inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex


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Bullet Features

JET CREATIONS🦖50+ YEARS: Authentic, quality assured, child-safe, come as 1 pc 

IMPRESSIVE SIZE🦖32" H/53" Lperfect for interactive play, educational display 

VERSATILE USE🦖Educational Tool; Themed Events; Party Decoration; Photo Prop 

LIFLIKE DESIGN🦖Massive tail, powerful legs, and ferocious face with sharp teeth 

YEAR ROUND🦖Quick set up, ideal for indoor and outdoor use with proper secure 

Full Title

Jet Creations Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Toy, 32" Tall/53" Long, Green/Yellow, Pool, Party, Garden Decor, Photo Prop Jurassic Theme Decoration, 1 pc


32" Tall / 53" Long


phthalate-free Vinyl


Introducing Jet Creations Inflatable T-Rex, a spectacular addition to the world of educational toys and decorative items. This self-standing inflatable dinosaur brings the prehistoric world to life with its impressive stature and vibrant details. Standing 32 inches tall and 53 inches long, this T-Rex commands attention in any setting, whether it’s a classroom, a child’s bedroom, or amidst a themed party. </br>

Jet Creations Inflatable T-Rex measures impressively large, making it an ideal educational tool as well as a playful toy. It's perfect for teaching children about the prehistoric world in a fun and engaging way. The bright green and yellow colors are eye-catching, ensuring that this dinosaur will be the center of attention wherever it goes. Whether it's part of a classroom setting, a thematic party decoration, or just a fun addition to the play area, this T-Rex stands out. </br>

The large mouth of this T-Rex isn't just for show; it adds an interactive element that kids love. Children can engage in imaginative play, pretending to feed the dinosaur or having it "roar" at their other toys. The sharp teeth detail in the mouth imprint enhances its realistic look, encouraging educational play about dinosaur diets and behaviors. </br>

Inflating and deflating the T-Rex is straightforward and quick, making it convenient to set up for playtime or store away when not in use. This ease of use is a significant advantage for parents and educators looking for dynamic educational tools that do not require complicated setup or maintenance. </br>

Safety is a top priority. Jet Creations Inflatable T-Rex is crafted from child-safe materials that meet all applicable safety standards. The materials are also lightweight, ensuring that children can move and play with the T-Rex comfortably and safely. </br>

With its impressive dimensions, realistic details, and sturdy construction, Jet Creations Inflatable T-Rex is a fantastic gift for any young dinosaur enthusiast, promising hours of fun and discovery. </br>

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