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Inflatable Skunk

Inflatable Skunk


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Bullet Features:

    IMPRESSIVE An upright alert position tail adding to the overall realism look. 

    REALISTIC DESIGN The expressive face, round, friendly eyes and a cute nose 

    VERSATILE USE Educational Toys, pool parties, home decor, safari-themed events, and photo shoots 

    EASY SETUP AND STORAGE Designed for convenience, hassle-free setup and compact storage 

    50 YEAR COMPANY Designed in Virginia, Made from quality material, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment 

    Full Title

    Jet Creations 30" Tall Inflatable Skunk, Black White, Realistic Wildlife Animal Figure, for theme Parties, Pool Fun, Home Yard Décor, Toy for Kids


    30" Tall


    phthalate-free Vinyl


    Jet Creations 30-inch tall Inflatable Skunk presents a charming and quirky decoration or toy, capturing the iconic look of a skunk with an added playful twist suitable for various settings and occasions. Standing at about two and a half feet, Jet Creations Inflatable Skunk is sizable enough to make a noticeable impact while still being compact enough to fit comfortably in indoor spaces or among other decorations at outdoor events. </br>

    Jet Creations Inflatable Skunk features the classic black and white coloration associated with real skunks. Its body is predominantly black, with a lustrous, glossy finish to mimic the look of a skunk's fur. The white coloring is prominent on its back, starting from the top of the head and splitting into a V-shape as it moves down the back, extending to the base of the tail. The tail itself is a highlight of this inflatable, designed to be bushy and with an upright posture, mirroring the defensive stance skunks take when threatened. </br>

    The face of the skunk is meticulously detailed to enhance its lifelike appearance. It includes round, friendly eyes, a tiny black nose, and a subtle smiling expression to add a friendly touch to its otherwise accurate depiction. The ears are small and rounded, set high on the head, with slight pink inner details to suggest realism. </br>

    Constructed from lightweight and durable Non-Phthalate PVC material, Jet Creations Inflatable Skunk is easy to inflate and deflate, making it convenient for quick setup and storage. It could be inflated using a standard pump. The Built-in valve with a secure seal prevents air from escaping during use. </br>

    Jet Creations Inflatable Skunk, with its realistic design and high-quality construction, is ideal to be an educational tool in classrooms, a quirky decoration for themed parties and events, a humorous addition to Halloween decor, or as a fun prop in wildlife conservation campaigns. It's also a unique gift for animal lovers and collectors. </br>

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