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Inflatable Velociraptor

Inflatable Velociraptor


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Bullet Features

IMPRESSIVE SIZE 30" Tall/51" Long, perfect for any Jurassic-themed event, Come as 1 pc 

REALISTIC COLORFUL Colored in tan and green, enhancing its lifelike appearance 

SELF STANDING An ideal playmate for young explorers at ages 3 year and up 

VERSATILE USE Educational Tool; Themed Events; Decorative Piece; Stage Prop 

JET CREATIONS 50+ YEARS COMPANY Designed in Virginia.  Give the gift from trusted source 

Full Title

Jet Creations Inflatable Velociraptor Dinosaur Toy, 30" Tall/51" Long, Raptor tan/green, Pool, Garden Decor, Photo Prop Jurassic Theme Decoration


30" Tall / 51" Long


phthalate-free PVC vinyl


Introducing Jet Creations 51-inch tall Inflatable Velociraptor, a remarkable addition to any space looking for a touch of prehistoric flair with a realistic edge. Crafted with a keen eye for detail, this lifelike dinosaur replica stands out with its free-standing design, ideal for both indoor and outdoor displays. </br>

Jet Creations Inflatable Velociraptor is meticulously colored in a lifelike palette of tan and green. These colors not only highlight the intricate details of its design, including scales and muscular contours, but also allow it to blend naturally into a variety of environments, from a playful classroom corner to an adventurous theme party outdoors. </br>

The standout feature of Jet Creations Inflatable Velociraptor is its large, gaping mouth, which is not only a dramatic focal point but also showcases a set of sharply detailed, printed teeth. These teeth are designed to appear both fierce and lifelike, adding a level of realism that enhances its educational and decorative value. The open mouth pose also invites interactive play and educational opportunities, allowing children to learn about the feeding habits and predatory behaviors of this ancient creature. </br>

Constructed from high-quality materials, Jet Creations Inflatable Velociraptor is designed to be strong and durable, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The robust structure ensures it remains upright and stable, whether placed on a patio, amidst garden plants, or in a corporate setting. Its freestanding nature allows for easy relocation, enabling you to refresh your space as needed without the hassle of installation. </br>

Easy to inflate and deflate, Jet Creations Inflatable Velociraptor is incredibly user-friendly, offering portability and convenient storage. Whether used to enhance learning in a school setting or to add excitement to a party, our inflatable Velociraptor is sure to captivate and educate all who see it. </br>

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