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Inflatable Parrot 2PCS

Inflatable Parrot 2PCS


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Bullet Features:

LIFELIKE DESIGN eye-catching colors, curved beak, in a standing posture 

VERSATILE USE Home décor, educational tool, theme parties, birthdays, holidays 

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Made with high-quality material for long-lasting use 

EASY INFLATION AND DEFLATION  For quick setup and convenient storage 

50+ YEARS COMPANY  24" Parrot crafted by a trusted source known for quality 

Full Title

Jet Creations 24" Tall Inflatable Parrot Scarlet Macaw Yellow Red Blue Lifelike Blow-Up Animal Figure, Pet Decor Play Livestock Theme Party Pool Birthday VBS Photo Prop, Gift for Boys Girls Kids


24" Height


phthalate-free Vinyl


Introducing Jet Creations 24" Tall Inflatable Parrot, a dazzling spectacle of color and fun designed to captivate and enchant. Standing proudly at 24 inches, this vibrant creation mirrors the exotic allure of its real-life counterparts, making it a standout addition to any collection or event. </br>

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Jet Creations Inflatable Parrot features feather-like imprints and textures across its body, along with an expressive face complete with a curved beak and playful eyes, capturing the essence of these charismatic birds. </br>

Jet Creations Inflatable Parrot is an ideal centerpiece for any theme party, especially those celebrating the vibrancy of tropical or jungle settings. Its burst of colors and lifelike design add a dynamic and festive touch to your decorations, instantly transporting guests to a paradise filled with exotic wildlife. Whether it’s creating an immersive jungle atmosphere or adding flair to a Caribbean-inspired bash, Jet Creations Inflatable parrot is sure to elevate the festive spirit and engage guests with its charm. </br>

Jet Creations Inflatable Parrot not only adds fun and festivity to parties but also enriches educational activities. It can also spark discussions on geography, exploring the tropical regions parrots call home, and biology, by examining avian life cycles and behaviors. For younger students, it's a fun way to learn about colors, patterns, and the diversity of the animal kingdom. </br>

Jet Creations Inflatable Parrot is designed for convenience, easy to inflate and deflate, making it a practical choice for various settings. Whether you're looking to brighten up a party with a touch of tropical flair, provide an engaging educational resource, or gift a unique and colorful toy, Jet Creations Inflatable Parrot is an excellent choice. </br>

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