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Inflatable Seahorse

Inflatable Seahorse


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🐠 [50+ YEARS COMPANY] Proudly crafted in Virginia, our Seahorse 4-pack emanates quality from a trusted source with over 50 years of expertise.

🌊 [USED FOR] Versatile applications including parties, gifts, stage props, and ocean-themed decorations, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.

🐠 [FEATURE] Designed for ages 3 and up, this Seahorse pack fosters both independent and interactive pretend play, ensuring hours of imaginative fun.

🌊 [SIZE/MATERIAL] Standing at 20 inches tall, each Seahorse boasts a hanging point and is meticulously crafted from Phthalate-free PVC vinyl for safety and durability.

🐠 [Content] Each pack includes 4 inflatable Seahorses, imported and carefully inspected. Check out our photos for detailed user instructions and additional information.


Full Title

Jet Creations Inflatable Aquatic Animal Seahorse, Pack of 4, 20 inches Tall Toys for Kids 3 year and up, Decoration with Hanger (1) per Seahorse, 1 pack


20" Height


Phthalate-free Vinyl


Welcome to Jet Creations, where we're excited to introduce you to our high-quality inflatable Seahorse pack, designed to bring joy and versatility to your space. As we walk you through the features of our product, safety remains our top priority, urging you to keep sharp objects away to prevent damage and ensure everyone's well-being.

Upon receiving your pack, we recommend unpacking and laying out the Seahorses in a cozy room temperature environment, enhancing the excitement of this special moment for you and your loved ones. Each pack contains four inflatable Seahorses, each equipped with a valve for easy inflation. Simply follow the instructions provided to inflate them effortlessly. Additionally, each Seahorse features a hanger point on the top, allowing them to be used as eye-catching decorations or even as oversized Christmas ornaments, adding a touch of whimsy to any space.

When it's time to deflate your Seahorses, simply pull open the cap and squeeze the valve to release the air and conveniently store them for future use. For added convenience, you may use a coffee stirrer stick to open up the flap at the bottom of the valve, eliminating the need for continuous squeezing while deflating. However, caution is advised to avoid poking a hole on the opposite side of the Seahorse.

Versatile and durable, our Seahorse 4-pack is perfect for various purposes, including party supplies, gifts, stage props, ocean and aquatic theme decorations, and even playful pranks. Designed and built for ages 3 and up, our Seahorses meet or exceed US CPSIA and ASTM safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

But that's not all—Jet Creations offers an extensive range of inflatable aquatic animals, including starfish, seals, dolphins, crabs, penguins, sharks, and goldfish, allowing you to create your own underwater world wherever you go.

At Jet Creations, we're committed to quality and longevity. Our products are designed to withstand months and years of use, and we include a quality foil bag with a resealable zipper with every purchase, allowing for easy packaging and storage for future use. We also encourage you to review product information and photos before making a purchase, helping to reduce carbon footprints and conserve resources.

In summary, at Jet Creations, we prioritize safety, quality, and fun. Our inflatable Seahorse pack is kid-friendly and mom-approved, ensuring hours of enjoyment for the whole family. Thank you for choosing Jet Creations—we hope you enjoy your product to the fullest!

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