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Inflatable T-Rex Brachiosaurus Pteranodon

Inflatable T-Rex Brachiosaurus Pteranodon


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Bullet Features

[1] Feature realistic replica of the Jurassic period T-Rex Brachiosaurus Pteranodon dinosaurs.
[2] Size the T-Rex stands 37 inches tall, brachiosaurs 46 inches head to tail, and Pteranodon with wingspan of 56 inches.
[3] Target home, party, pool, birthday, gifts, decorations, one of the best party supplies gifts.
[4] Quality phthalate-free vinyl with precision manufacturing process.
[5] Content Jet Creations inflatable T-Rex tyrannosaurus-rex (1), Brachiosaurus (1), and Pteranodon (1).
[6] Setup instruction (1) Remove Product from package and lay flat under room temperature (2) inflate with mouth or regular Electric pump (do not use air compressor) (3) stop and allow time to air to travel and fill small area (4) wrinkles expect and inflatables should have soft touch, do not try to remove wrinkles with excess air, Which may pop the inflatables (5) close the valve cap firmly to prevent air leak before push down the valve.
[7] Please refer to photos on left for more details

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