Inflatable LIFELIKE Zebra, 88 inch Tall [AL-ZEBRA]

$ 199.99
Type: Animals & Dinosaurs
SKU: AL-ZEBRA UPC: 894680000524

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[1] Free standing 88 inch tall and built with Jet Creations special Double-Seam technique
[2] (1) Realistic look (2) multiple air chambers (3) large safety valves
[3]  Best for Stage prop, concert, music video, party, event
[4] Thick heavy duty material plus signature Double-Seam technique, the zebra is built to last
[5] Inflatable lifelike zebra (1), instruction guide



One of the most famous animal in concert. One of the most realist look of Zebra as inflatable, this larger-than-life African Safari Animal stands freely without needing to be weighed down.88 inch tall foot to ear. Jet Creations inflatable lifelike zebra uses thick heavy duty vinyl and construct with Special double-seam technique.

 Get this zebra and Rock your next party!

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