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Inflatable Cow Horse German Shepherd🌟

Inflatable Cow Horse German Shepherd🌟


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Bullet Features

3 ANIMALS Cow 37"Long, Horse 38"Long, Shepherd 43"Long; Realistic Toys 

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION Meet or Exceed CPSIA and ASTM Standards; for anyone 3 year+ 

VERSATILE USE Theme party decoration; interactive classroom; photo prop; Pool 

SIMPLE SETUP & STORAGE Easy to inflate and just as easy to deflate for storage 

JET CREATIONS Igniting Imagination for 50+ years; Designed in Virginia 

Full Title

Jet Creations Inflatable Animal Trio: Cow, Horse, German Shepherd, Realistic Livestock Animal, Pets for Party Decoration, Education, Learning, Pool, Birthday, Photo Prop, Ideal for Kids, Adults


Cow 37" Long;
Horse 38" Long;
Shepherd Dog 41" Long


Phthalate-FREE PVC vinyl


Dive into a world of imaginative play and learning with the Ultimate Inflatable Animal Trio, featuring a lifelike Cow, Horse, and German Shepherd! This trio is designed to captivate and educate, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of uses, from enhancing educational environments to bringing life to themed parties and outdoor decor. </br>

The inflatable cow features a realistic black and white spotted pattern, mirroring the familiar charm of dairy cows. Its friendly expression and standing posture invite interaction and storytelling, making it a perfect educational companion for lessons on farming, dairy production, and animal care. </br>

The inflatable horse, standing tall at an impressive height, is designed with a keen eye for detail, showcasing a sleek coat, lifelike mane and tail, and the muscular build that horses are known for. Its realistic markings and thoughtful design elements, such as the gentle curve of its neck and the spirited stance, appeal to equestrian enthusiasts and children with a love for adventure. </br>

The inflatable German Shepherd boasts meticulous attention to detail, from its alert ears down to its bushy tail. Its expressive eyes and characteristic coat pattern make it an engaging tool for discussions about working dogs, their training, and their invaluable contributions to society. This inflatable dog also adds a protective ambiance to any setting, embodying the faithful nature of man's best friend. </br>

Each inflatable in this trio is made from high-quality, durable material, ensuring they withstand the enthusiasm of playful encounters, ensuring long-lasting fun. The collection is easy to inflate and deflate, providing convenience for quick setup and storage. This feature is particularly beneficial for teachers, event planners, and families, allowing for seamless integration into various activities and spaces. </br>

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