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Jet Creations Inc.

Earth's Moon Inflatable, 12 inch

Earth's Moon Inflatable, 12 inch


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Bullet Features

DETAILED Jet Creations acquired the map from NASA and USGS trusted sources 

EXPLORE THE COSMOS this 12” inflatable moon inspires joy and aerospace knowledge 

VERSATILE Beachball, pool toy, VBS, kids fun, party decor; educational value 

DURABLE Made with quality materials for long-lasting enjoyment and repeated use. 

50+ YEARS COMPANY crafted by a trusted source in USA known for quality, 1 pc 



Full Title

Jet Creations Space Theme Inflatable Moon Ball, 12” After Inflated Earth’s Natural Satellite, Educational Toy, Beachball, Pool Fun, Party Decoration, Toys for Kids, VBS, Photo Prop, 1 pc


12" Diameter


phthalate-free Vinyl


Introducing the Jet Creations Inflatable Moon Ball, a captivating educational toy that brings the wonders of the cosmos into your hands. Measuring 12 inches when fully inflated, this realistic replica of Earth's natural satellite offers endless opportunities for exploration and fun. </BR>

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of outer space as you gaze upon this intricately detailed inflatable moon. Whether used as a teaching tool in classrooms, a prop for science lessons about the solar system and lunar phenomena, or simply as a fascinating addition to your home decor, this inflatable moon ball is sure to inspire curiosity and wonder. </BR>

Transform any outdoor space into a celestial playground with this versatile inflatable. From beachside adventures to poolside fun, the Jet Creations Moon doubles as a beachball for sunny days and a playful addition to pool parties. </BR>

Elevate your next cosmic-themed event or Halloween party with the enchanting presence of this inflatable moon. Whether suspended from the ceiling to create an otherworldly atmosphere or placed strategically as a photo prop for guests to pose with, this inflatable moon adds an element of mystery and magic to any occasion. </BR>

Designed with durability in mind, this inflatable moon ball is made to withstand hours of playtime and exploration. Its lightweight and portable design make it easy to inflate, deflate, and store. </BR>

Perfect for kids aged 3 and up, this inflatable moon ball makes an ideal gift for budding astronomers and space enthusiasts. Spark their imagination and ignite their passion for science as they embark on lunar adventures with Jet Creations. </BR>

Illuminate your understanding of the cosmos and celebrate the beauty of Earth's celestial companion with Jet Creations Inflatable Moon. Whether used for educational purposes, recreational fun, or simply as a decorative accent, this inflatable moon ball promises to inspire awe and fascination in stargazers of all ages. </BR>

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