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Jet Creations Inc.

Inflatable Eagle🌟

Inflatable Eagle🌟


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Bullet Features

IMPRESSIVE🦅Its natural flying posture, a sight that inspires awe and reverence.  

REALISTIC DESIGN🦅The body is well scaled to match the size of an actual eagle 

VERSATILE USE🦅Educational Toys, pool parties, home decor, safari-themed events, and photo shoots 

EASY SETUP AND STORAGE🦅Designed for convenience, hassle-free setup and compact storage 

50 YEAR COMPANY🦅Designed in Virginia, Made from quality material, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment 

    Full Title

    Jet Creations 38" Wingspan Inflatable Bald Eagle, Dark Brown, Realistic Wild Animal Figure, Patriotic Bird, Theme Parties, Pool Fun, Home Yard Decor


    38" Wingspan


    phthalate-free Vinyl


    Introducing Jet Creations 38-inch Inflatable Flying Eagle with built-in hanging loops, revolutionizing its display capabilities. This innovative feature allows you to easily showcase the majestic beauty of the eagle in any setting, whether indoors or outdoors, creating a captivating focal point that inspires awe and wonder. </br>

    The eagle’s realistic design features include a keen eye detail, a robust beak, and lifelike plumage, rendered in vibrant colors that mirror the natural beauty of the bald eagle. With a wingspan of 38 inches, it captures the majestic presence of the eagle in flight, making it a fascinating educational tool and a captivating feature for outdoor entertainment. </br>

    Crafted from high-quality, durable material, Jet Creations Inflatable Eagle is designed not only to soar through the air but also to adorn your spaces with its impressive wingspan and intricate detailing. One hanging loop at the top and two additional loops on each wing, allow for easy and stable hanging, transforming any room into a dynamic environment inspired by the freedom of the skies. Whether it’s suspended in a classroom to inspire students, hung at an outdoor event to attract attention, to celebrate patriotic holidays or displayed in a child’s bedroom as a symbol of adventure and exploration, Jet Creations hangable inflatable eagle adds a unique and inspiring touch. </br>

    Inflation is quick and easy with most air pumps, allowing you to set up and enjoy your hanging eagle in minutes. The quick-fill valve equipped features a simple release mechanism, allowing for rapid deflation when it's time to store the eagle away. </br>

    Jet Creations Inflatable Eagle is more than just a toy; it’s a flight into the imagination, an educational journey, and a celebration of one of the most iconic symbols of freedom in the animal kingdom. It’s designed for anyone who dreams of flying and loves the outdoors, offering a unique blend of fun, learning, and inspiration. </br>

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