Astroman Inflatable - 60 inch Tall

$ 54.99
Type: Toy & Game
SKU: GTO-ASTROMAN UPC:811255021289
Bullet Features 
[1] New 60"H x 24"L x 24"W Inflatable Astronaut A 60" Tall Model of A Space Traveler
[2]A Great Promotional Item for Company in The Technology or Aeronautic Industries
[3] Great for a lover to decorate his/her room, and collection display.
[4] An Extremely Fun Gift for Children or Adults
[5]Featuring a four color printing process for a more realistic look and better colors. Perfect for events, decoration, displays, birthday parties, gifts, advertising, marketing, museums, collections, and educational purposes

    Be a space explorer! Jet Creations large size Inflatable Astronaut is a light weight and realistic replica of an astronaut with space suit on.The astronaut is free standing with own feet, and right hand is raised to wave to the new frontier.

Size 60 inch Tall

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