Inflatable Globe with Political Map, 16 inch – Transparent Clear [GTO-16GTR]

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Type: Globe
SKU: GTO-16GTR UPC: 811255021135

Bullet Features

[1] 16 inch inflatable globe with updated transparent clear political map data 
[2] Inflatable globe is 16 inch in diameter
[3]  Best for home or office display, classroom, geography, social study, travel, one of the best educational toys
[4] Phthalate-free vinyl, strong quality plastic stand.
[5] Contains inflatable globe, instruction, repair kit



 This inflatable globe shows show the world map on transparent vinyl. Great learning tool about the world while playing catch. With a diameter of 16”, it helps students to identify continents, countries, lines of latitude and longitude, capitals, and oceans. Made of durable vinyl material, vivid true color printing. 16”L x 16”W x 16”H

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