Where to find Genuine Jet Creations Product

Jet Creations products can be found at any of following channels:

  • *Exclusively* Online Marketplace
  • Online Store
  • Brick & Mortar Store

BE AWARE!  We have noticed that some individuals and businesses infringe our copyright and other intellectual properties, or attempting to sell used products but market as brand new.  

You can find genuine Jet Creations products at any of the channels below.  Please contact us Service@JetCreations.com if you have any question about the product or report counterfeits. 

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--- Online Marketplace --- 

Since early 2021, Jet Creations no longer offered products to sellers.  NEW and genuine products are available in following online marketplaces and seller name:

Amazon.com (USA and CANADA)

seller name: Jet Creations Inc.

Walmart.com (USA)



seller information: Jet_Creations_Inc

--- Online Store and Brick & Mortar --- 

JetCreations.com - You are HERE!

Science & Nature Co - CANADA

Nationwide Children's Hospital Gift Shop - Columbus, OH

Sublime - Frenchtown, NJ

Skool KraftsBROOKLYN, NY

plus more