Inflatable Globe with Political Map, 16 inch – Transparent Clear [GTO-16GTR]
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Earth’s Core Globe 34 inch Dia. [GTO-34GGG]

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Type: Globe
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Bullet Features

[1] Earth’s core and up-to-date map print
[2]  Size 34”L x 34”W x 34”H (Inflated size Diameter)
[3] Best for home, school, party, pool, summer camp, VBS
[4] Product is 100% tested for extensive time, produced by Jet Creations. Comply with related CPSIA and ASTM requirements. Recommend age 6 and up
[5] Contains Inflatable globe, instruction sheet and repair patch. The color box can be used as base stand.



   Jet Creations Earth's Core Globe Inflatable features an ultra-realistic photo of the earth's core and an accurate and up-to-date map printed on a clear background, this globe inflates to 34 inches in diameter. Mixing playful and educational, it gives the viewer a great representation of what is happening beneath the earth and doubles as a fun addition to any pool party or beach excursion. 34”L x 34”W x 34”H (Inflated size Diameter)

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