JETSUP Beer Mug Pool Float - 72 inch [FUN-BEER1]
$ 27.00
Planet Earth Inflatable, View from Space, Size 16 inch [GTO-16AEG]
$ 9.99

JETSUP Sneaker Pool Float Inflatable, 72 inch [FUN-SNEAKER01]

$ 27.00
Type: Home & Garden
SKU: FUN-SNEAKER UPC: 811255024167

Bullet Features:

[1] Popular shoe now as a pool float, lounge in style
[2] Additional safety feature with 2 air chambers and 4 handles, plus safety valves
[3] Best for Home, party, pool, spring break, events, point of sale, store front
[4] Product is 100% tested for extensive time, produced by Jet Creations. Comply with related CPSIA and ASTM requirements. Recommend age 6 and up
[5] Sneaker Pool Float(1),Instruction,Repair Kit


    Inflatable JETSUP sneaker pool float, one of the must-have floats for this summer.  Feature full color imprint replica of popular shoe, this float perfect for your home pool party, bay, or lake. Designed and produced by Jet Creations, this float is built with extra safety features: 2 handles, 2 independent air chambers, and 2 large safety valves. 

Product contains 1 float. Size: 72 x 27 x 6

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