Seahorse Inflatable, 20 inch Tall [AN-SEAHORS]
$ 4.99
Dolphin Inflatable, 20 inch Long [AN-DOL]
$ 4.99

Shark Inflatable, 24 inch Long [AN-SHARKY]

$ 4.99
Type: Animals & Dinosaurs
SKU: AN-SHARKY UPC: 811255020138

Bullet Features

[1] Jet Creations new design inflatable Sharky made improved production process and new design.
[2] SIZE Sharky 24 inch in Length 10.5 Width, 7 Height. This cute inflatable animals are stuffed with air!
[3] Best for home décor, toy, pool, birthday, one of the best party supplies and gifts.
[4] Phthalate-free Vinyl, made with precision manufacturing
[5] Jet Creations Inflatable Sharky (1), Instruction, Repair Kit




NEW 2018 Edition! This popular sea creature has a brand new look.This 2nd generation design seahorse has brand new art design, plus unique translucent look.

Jet Creations Inflatable Sharky is hanging friendly.  Create a cool Nautical Theme with several sharks, or add more of our many other inflatable aquatic animals by Jet Creations.


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