Our Story

 Since the 1970’s our founder has been working with inflatables ensuring that 40+ years down the line, we provide the highest quality inflatables in the market. We began with globes and still pride ourselves in providing the most accurate and durable inflatable globes available on the market. Every year we update our globes to account for any geographical or political changes that have occurred in the world making them the perfect tool for educators the world over.

We pride ourselves in our manufacturing techniques. Unlike other inflatable manufacturers, we use a technique known as “RF (Radio Frequency) Welding” to seal our products. Others use heat and adhesives which tend to break after minimal use meaning the customer has to continually spend money on fixing their products. Our inflatables are made to last the test of time.

At Jet Creations we provide a wide variety of services: custom inflatables, wholesale inflatables, printing (screen-printing or digital printing), design and product sourcing (providing our valued clients with resources they might not be able to find normally), and wholesale promotional materials (billboards, banners, etc.).

We believe the customer always comes first. We provide stellar customer service and are willing to work with clients of any size or needs. We are always open to talking to anyone so do not hesitate to give us a call, email or fax. We look forward to it!